Sharing System

Sharing System Chapter 3

Two Moons

The cave was unimaginably large to an NPC like Feng Lianzhu. It took him eight hours to travel from the pile of gold to the entrance of the cave so that day had fallen into night.

This was the amount of time he spent while moving at a running speed. Feng Lianzhu was a boss, and speed was its own attribute. The maximum speed while running normally was 50 km/h, but this could be increased to 200 km/h during combat if the footwork skill was used. However, using the footwork skill consumed a large amount of aura, and its duration was short, lasting a mere 5 minutes. On the other hand, running normally at full speed barely consumed any aura and could be sustained for a long time.

Running at full speed for eight hours meant that the distance from his initial location inside the cave to the exit was 400 kilometers. Wasn’t this cave a little too big?

Feng Lianzhu looked back towards the mouth of the cave and could not see the mountain’s peak. Unless he was flying high in the air, it was unlikely he could see the whole of the mountain.

Two round, purple moons hung in the sky. One was a full moon while the other was closer to a new moon, only a curved crescent.

In “Travel the Heavens”, the moon was a max-level copy. Players could use the prop “Immortal Jindan1” during a full moon to teleport to the moon and open the copy. It was said that the copy was extremely difficult and had yet to be cleared by any player.

“What a terrible place…” Feng Lianzhu shook his head, “There are two super-hard copies.”

As a lower level boss whose probability of landing a critical hit increased during a full moon, he naturally worshipped the moon. Seeing two moons created awe and joy in his heart.

Who knew that at this time the system would prompt:【The original three satellites orbiting the original star2 419 are affected by the atmosphere so they reflect purple light.】

“Three? What about the other one?”

【500 years ago, pang·kirates’s mother shattered a satellite when she came to the original star. The impact from the satellite debris drastically changed the landscape of the original star which has only gradually recovered over the last 100 years. 】

“Crash…..shatter……the moon?” Feng Lianzhu could not imagine such a thing.

The moon was a source of faith and blessing for the low-level NPCs of “Travel the Heavens.” Many NPCs’ cultivation methods revolved around worshipping the moon. Under the moonlight, the speed at which their aura recovered was accelerated.

【The cave behind you is the body of pang·kirates’s mother. 500 years ago, she was seriously injured when she came to the original star, dying after giving birth. Her injuries and the pregnancy labor exhausted her energy, causing her body to shrink to one tenth of the size it had been when she was alive. Otherwise, she could have covered half of the planet surface.】

Ten times…….4,000 kilometers from the depths of the cave to its entrance, the ability to crush the moon with their body. Even if Feng Lianzhu was slow on the uptake, doubts and questions began to surface. Such a powerful Fat Kirats seemed to be even stronger than a max-level copy boss.

Moonlight stimulated his spirit, nourishing Feng Lianzhu’s feelings and amplifying his doubts. He couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of game is this?”

【This is not a game. It is the Azure Galaxy with a radius of 270,000 lightyears, the real world.】

As a fully intelligent online game NPC, Feng Lianzhu had the ability to distinguish between “players and NPCs” and “reality and game.” He knew he was different from players, but he did not envy them nor did he ever consider the idea of leaving the game. He had his mission.

Feng Lianzhu had thought that a system appearing in his mind was merely a new way of playing the game. Even if he swapped places with Fat Kirats, he had only thought his new location was a map in the game he had never touched.

It wasn’t until he had looked up, seen the two completely foreign moons and witnessed the gigantic body that was bigger than the legendary Kunpeng3, that Feng Lianzhu truly realized that he was no longer in “Travel the Heavens.”

He was momentarily dazed. Many thoughts bubbled in his mind then dissipated so quickly that there wasn’t a need for the smart cleaning function. Feng Lianzhu himself could not even catch these vague, disappearing thoughts.

After about ten seconds, he withdrew his gaze from the moon and queried, “Location of the mission target.”

He did not possess the ability to explore that which left him confused, inquisitive, and uncomprehending nor was he curious about Fat Kirats’s species and strength, much less the idea of staying in the real world.

When a phenomenon that he did not understand appeared, Feng Lianzhu didn’t explore it. He just needed to complete his mission. When mutual assistance mode ended, he would return to “Travel the Heavens.”

【The body of the Kirates Dragon can deter the beasts on the planet, thus the inhabitants live within the range of its power. However, they did not dare to get too close and settled in the jungle 600 kilometers away.】

Feng Lianzhu did not complain that 600 kilometers was too far away, nor did he think of finding transportation from Fat Kirats’s cave. After getting the coordinates, he sat on the ground and absorbed the moonlight for a while to replenish his aura then quickly ran forward.

Strangely, his aura level was not lacking, yet the hunger in his stomach never disappeared, and he became hungrier and hungrier.

However, he could endure. Feng Lianzhu did not stop, running through the night and into the day. It was only at noon that he finally arrived at the cave where the mission target resided.

The author has something to say:

Feng Lianzhu: “Your mother’s body has shrunken to a tenth, and you can still roll around in the cave?”

Fat Dragon: “Yes, I’m still a minor dragon.”

Feng Lianzhu: “……”

Translator Notes:

  1. Jindan translates into “Golden Pill” but I thought it sounded better as “Jindan” so I left it.
  2. So the “original star” that keeps popping up is more like a home/central/capital planet from the way it’s used. As a non-Chinese speaker, I’m curious why writers use “star” to refer to a habitable/inhabited planet when as most people understand in English, a literal star is like the Sun, as in too hot to ever set foot on…Would love to hear takes on this in the comments.
  3. Kunpeng is a gigantic mythical bird in Chinese mythology that transforms from a fish. Its wings are said to shroud the heavens, and it travels vast distances with a single flap of its wings.
    Source: and

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